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Friends, are you holding back work right now because it’s just ‘not perfect?’ It might be engrained in you that something can’t be put out in the world until it’s perfect. But let me tell you this…entrepreneurship is the exact opposite of that. Nothing is ever perfect and today, I talk about how we can get out of the thinking that good enough isn’t good enough.

Hit the Highlights

[01:15] Reasons you’re stalling putting out work for your business
[05:10] Trying to attain perfect is a lie
[07:15] Don’t withhold your product or service from people that can have impact
[08:45] It’s scary putting things out there. Good enough is good enough
[11:00] Examine your biz and check what you’re holding back

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“Jen, thanks so much for your candid and faith-filled messaging! Your podcast has changed so many of my days, and pushed me out of the cozy, little rut I tend to drift into as a habit of midlife. Anyone that needs a loving push out of fear and self doubt, needs this show. I listen every day now. I'm hooked! Thanks for all you do!”

Listener: Mary LigaPodcast Review: “You’re So Relatable, Jen!”

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