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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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If you don’t like how social media feels right now, then just stick around…things are always changing. Are followers important? What do the amount of views tell me about my audience? What is the current trend I should be following? Friends, are you in my coaching group? This is ONE of the many things we do… talk about what is working right now in social media. Go sign up for the Creators Inner Circle waitlist at, right after you listen to today’s podcast! 

Hit the Highlights

[01:15] How much social media has changed
[02:26] Things we used to do, that we no longer do
[03:40] My stats 5 years ago on social media
[08:30] A few things that are hot now
[09:09] Jen’s tips for today’s social

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Listener Shoutout

I love to shout out a business each week on the show. Your reviews are such a blessing to me, so I want to repay by drawing some attention to someone who takes the time to leave one. Thank you to listener, AshleeFay, for your kind words. I pray a blessing over you and your business!

“I love Jennifer and what she stands for! I feel so grateful and blessed to have found her podcast. I love that she brings Faith into business because I have been listening to God in my business and it has taken me so far. What an amazing woman to look up to. I have learned so much from the podcast and Inner Circle.”

Listener: AshleeFayPodcast Review: “Amazing!”

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