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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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Friends, I am fresh off the run of our Money, Faith & Business virtual event and it was was absolutely amazing. Were you there? If you weren’t there, I truly hope you join us next time. After the event closed, my inbox was full of questions about how to host your own virtual event and these questions really made me want to share what I know with you. There are legit reasons to add a virtual event, or summit, to your business so if you’ve ever considered this, then this podcast is for you!   

Hit the Highlights

[01:50] Quick recap of Money, Faith & Business Summit
[02:20] Review from podcast listener
[03:27] 5 tips for hosting your own virtual event
[13:00] Why a virtual event is good for your business

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Listener Shoutout

I love to shout out a business each week on the show. Your reviews are such a blessing to me, so I want to repay by drawing some attention to someone who takes the time to leave one. Thank you to listener, tamlynnr, for your kind words. I pray a blessing over you and your business!

“I can't say enough about this show! I swear that every episode is recorded just for me. Jennifer shows up every week and speaks truth and honesty into her community. It's always exactly what I need to hear. Thank you, Jennifer.”

Listener: tamlynnrPodcast Review: “I Love Jennifer’s Show!”

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