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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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Was your personal or business Facebook account disabled? Or maybe your reach is tanking or all your stats are down – I call that “Facebook jail”. In this podcast, I am giving you some common reasons people go to “Facebook jail” and how to avoid these mistakes to keep your account in good standing!

Hit the Highlights

(03:43) Here are the reasons why you could be in Facebook jail.

(12:13) What to do if you get put in Facebook jail.

(12:53) How long does Facebook jail last?

(14:26) How to contact someone to get out of Facebook jail.

Reasons Why You Could Be in Facebook Jail

  • If you are commenting the same comment over and over or posting a link over and over. Don’t copy and paste comments. You look like a robot and might go to Facebook jail.
  • You are using a different name than your name in real life. (Don’t use your nickname or business name for your personal account)
  • You are using your personal Facebook page to post about your biz. You need to have a business Facebook page for that!
  • Bullying, using hate language, talking about things that are highly controversial. (depending on how you word it).
  • You are saying things like “comment below” “tag your friend” “covid”
  • You did something that violates someone else’s rights, including their intellectual property rights. Putting your name on something and not giving credit.
  • Your credit card has expired for your ads account.

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