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Today I want to give you some creative Instagram story ideas. Because if you aren’t using Instagram to engage your potential customers – you are really missing out. Instagram is one of the best ways that I build the know like and trust factor for my business. I looooove stories in particular and am always brainstorming Instagram story ideas to post. Instagram stories are what start great conversations in my DM’s, building relationships, and engage future customers. Today I want to give you a few creative ideas for using Instagram stories as an entrepreneur. I also have a free gift for you in this
podcast 😘

Grab FREE 50 Story Templates 

These 50 story templates are completely customizable in Canva from your phone or desktop! We will also send you a super quick tutorial if you need any help getting going!

Hit the Highlights

(07:28) How to get more followers on Instagram with Instagram Stories.

(09:57) Use Canva templates for beautiful, professional-looking stories.

(12:06) How to put captions on your Instagram Stories.

3 Instagram Story Ideas

  • Talk about someone in your industry or niche and tag them in your stories.
  • Skip the graphic designer and use Canva templates.
  • Use the captions for every Instagram Story video you make.

Listener Shoutout

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“I just finished listening to the podcast “How to pivot your business” and it’s
worth every 33 min of your time! Jennifer is the real deal, and her
communication style is straight up and no fluff! I felt like I was sitting in her
living room. Thank you Jennifer for loving Jesus and others! Your message is
hope-filled and changes lives!”

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