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After years of coaching thousands of business owners, I get to see the behind-the-scenes of many businesses. One of the things I’ve noticed is a lot of entrepreneurs go into business for the freedom of their time. No one gets to be the boss of us, can I get a yes and amen!?! But after several years, I see these same business owners hating the business that they’ve built. You get to call the shots as an entrepreneur, so why are you doing the things you hate? Friend, you are allowed to re-think how you set up your business. I’ll tell you how in this podcast.

Hit the Highlights

(06:12) Why you end up doing things in your business that you don’t actually want to do.

(08:32) How I started building a business I didn’t like, even though it was financially successful.

(20:48) The way that you set up your business needs to be authentic to you.

(27:07) It’s okay to run your business differently than other entrepreneurs.

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Takeaways from the episode

  1. Switch your thinking of what a “successful” business looks like.
  2. Realize that the anxiety you feel over something you don’t like in your business is not worth it!
  3. Do things in a way that God wired you, not how other people are doing it.

Listener Shoutout

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“I just started listening to entrepreneurial podcasts and a friend recommended
Jennifer’s to me. She really gives me a dose of Jesus and business wisdom in
every podcast. I am so thankful to have the mentorship of a strong, Godly,
authentic female entrepreneur.”

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