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Something amazing happens when you decide you want to be an entrepreneur… you get to call the shots! Trust me, you want to be intentional as possible when you start your biz. That means that part of your business plan should include your core values as a company. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs do this as an afterthought. A few years down the road they may be struggling to go to work every day for a business they don’t like anymore. That’s why core values are soooo important. Your biz should grow and change, but your core values can help you make sure work stays fun for you! Today I am going to walk you through how to figure out the core things you want your biz to stand for.

Hit the Highlights

(3:20) Why our businesses can go haywire and become the boss of us.
(5:28) How to come up with your business’s core values
(07:20) You are fully in control. If you don’t like your biz, change it.
(09:50) Why core values are better than a five-year plan.

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“I really enjoy all of the business advice and love that Jen ties in God to each episode. Thanks for what you do & I can’t wait for more episodes!”

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