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I want to be super transparent with you about getting verified on Instagram. It’s important for me to talk about some of the background stuff about growing your Instagram that no one else will talk about. So let’s answer this question once and for all – do those DM’s about getting verified on Instagram actually work? Well, we decided to try it. Spoiler alert: there is no fast track to success. It’s all ego in the end. The best way to get followers on Instagram and get verified on Instagram is organic with fabulous content!

Hit the Highlights

(2:30) Why you want to get verified on Instagram.
(3:56) How to get verified on Instagram.
(16:46) How people get scammed when trying to get verified on Instagram.
(21:45) Can you pay someone to get verified on Instagram?

Learn How to Grow Your Social Media Organically

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Want to learn The Truth Behind the Numbers?

There are so many numbers being shared all over the internet by entrepreneurs. Listen to this podcast to learn the truth behind a lot of the numbers you hear and what numbers really matter. People talk about how many followers they have or how much they just made on a launch. But they don’t tell you the truth like the fact that maybe they have horrible reach and engagement or that their expenses were ridiculous so they only kept 25% of launch income. Using big numbers in a vanity matrix truly does nothing for your business or your followers and potential clients. Let’s talk more about the numbers we should be concerned with!

Listener Shoutout

I love to shout out a business each week on the show. Your reviews are such a blessing to me so I want to repay by drawing some attention to someone who takes the time to leave one. Thank you, Keri, for your kind words. I pray a blessing over you and your business!

“So stinking thankful for this podcast and Jennifer Allwood! I am an SLP, have been
for over 20 years, and now it’s time to “claim territory” (episode 95) in an adjacent
lot haha. The knowledge I am gaining through this podcast was an answer to
prayer in which I asked God for help. He is now my CEO! I recommend it to
anyone interested in growing their business the right way!”

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