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Have you ever wondered how to go viral on Instagram? Going viral is a great way to build your platform and establish brand awareness. Today I am honored to interview my friend Blake, who is the host of Confessions of a Crappy Christian podcast, and knows a thing or two about going viral! Blake is a writer, podcaster, and coach who equips and encourages women to use their God-given gifts to the glory of God. Recently Blake exploded on Instagram when her controversial interview with Candice Cameron Bure went viral. So, buckle up, because today we are talking today about the secrets to growing on Instagram FAST!


Hit the Highlights

(3:53) Why Blake started a podcast

(6:33) How Blake went from 1,000 followers on Instagram to becoming a chart-topping podcaster

(8:36) How Blake’s interview with Candice Cameron went viral
(16:21) How Blake grew her Instagram 27,000 followers in two years
(19:00) How to grow your Instagram when you only have a few thousand followers
(23:42) How to speak on controversial topics
(28:32) What do to once you get an influx of followers
(32:23) The number one way Blake’s grown her Instagram (without going viral!)
(33:36) Leaving your 9-5
(35:59) All about censorship

All About Blake

Blake is a writer, podcaster, and coach who equips and encourages women to use their God-given gifts to the glory of God. She is the host of the top-rated weekly Christian podcast, Confessions of a Crappy Christian, where she has conversations with incredible individuals who have walked through the fire and now come back with buckets of water for the rest of us. Her first book (of two), Confessions of a Crappy Christian will be released by Tyndale Publishing in the Fall of 2022.

Blake’s mission is for you to know who you and Whose you are and for those truths to keep you from falling prey to the hustle mindset that only leads to exhaustion and disappointment. She wants you to know there’s a better way to chase after your hopes and dreams while furthering the kingdom of God. She’s also a huge fan of LSU football, oversized sweatshirts, and the Great British Baking Show.

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