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On my Monday Fire Episode this week, we talked about if Christians should use the enneagram. Spoiler alert—yes they can! The enneagram is just a tool that we can use to better understand ourselves. Today I want to talk about each Enneagram’s strength in business and where they may want to get some help!

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Hit the Highlights

(3:39) Type 1: The Reformer 

(5:39) The  2: The Helper 

(6:29) Type 3: The Achiever 

(8:08) Type 4: The Romantic Individualist 

(8:54) Type 5: The Investigator or Observer 

(9:47) Type 6: The  Loyalist or Loyal Guardian 

(10:56) Type 7: Optimist or Enthusiast 

(12:15) Type 8: The Challenger 

(14:40) Type 9: The Peacemaker 


Type Names and descriptions of type names from

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I so appreciate your episodes! So many times I hear things that are like, “oh yeah that’s implementable! I’m Thrilled I just joined the Inner Circle. Looking forward to all you will be pouring into us!”

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