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Last week I did my Next Level challenge and it was sooo amazing! It was so powerful that I wanted to share the first day with you. Mostly so you know to get your booty in the challenge next time! LOL. On the first day I talked about how old ways won’t open new doors. The truth is so many businesses had to shift in 2020. Going into the new year, we have to think through what will open new doors in our businesses. Whether that’s a change of habits, a change of team members, shifting to the online space, It’s time to double down on what’s working and let go of what’s holding you back!

Hit the Highlights

(4:12) Old ways won’t open new doors
(9:13) What won’t work moving forward
(10:30) Are you in a season of grieving?
(13:38) You may need to shift to get to the next level
(18:23) Entrepreneurs have this in their DNA
(20:30) What’s working well in business RIGHT NOW
(24:00) Get into the minds of consumers in 2020


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