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Tell me, do you ever catch yourself feeling like your brain won’t shut off or that you can’t relax? Maybe you’re constantly thinking about the past and how you could have done something differently in your biz. Ring a bell? Friend, you might have a problem with overthinking. Today I’m going over three main signs you are overthinking and why it’s keeping you stuck! Let’s figure out what’s holding you back so you can get to the next level of freedom in both your life and biz!

Hit the Highlights

(3:53) Why overthinking will cause problems in your business
(9:31) Two Reasons you’re stuck from overthinking
(15:21) How to stop overthinking

Why we are overthinking

  1. You are overthinking your future because you are scared of the “what if”
  2. We are still tied up in our past.

Why we are overthinking

  1. You are overthinking your future because you are scared of the “what if”
  2. We are still tied up in our past.


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