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Friends, there are many reasons why you could feel stuck either in your personal life or biz. I want to talk about one BIG mindset that might be holding you back with what you feel called to do—and that is that you are SCARED to succeed! I want to help you identify if you are scared of success. Friend, don’t play small. You are built to do BIG things!

Hit the Highlights

(6:50) Why you like to play small.
(8:03) What to do if you are scared of success.
(14:26) Why Moms need to live out their callings.
(16:40) Stop procrastinating and self-sabotaging.

3 Ways to Stop Playing Small

  1. Shine a light on what’s keeping you small
  2. If you are a woman of faith, repent.
  3. Turn from what you are doing and try something different!


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