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My inbox has been blowing up lately with people asking me my thoughts on Parler, the new social media app that’s kind of like Twitter! I know Parler has had a TON of traffic the last few days—not only that but there’s many more new alternative apps as well like MeWe who are competing with Facebook and Twitter With all these new social networks coming to the scene, will there really be a mass exit on Facebook? I’m having my friends Brian Dixon and Rachel Miller on the show today to talk about all this and more!


What would you do to get new customers if you couldn’t access your social media? It is a scary thought!

Remember, you don’t own your social media pages or list of followers so you have to play by the platform’s rules. And friend, the rules are changing alllll.the.time.!

SOOOO, I’m giving you a free tool you can use to talk to your customers if social media went away! Go to:

Hit the Highlights

(3:37) What is the Parler app and who is it for?

(9:30) Should we have some concerns about Parler’s anticensorship policy?
(11:44) Where to look for Parler’s terms and conditions
(20:30) Facebook vs. Parler: what’s the difference?
(27:15) Is MeWe a good app alternative?
(35:01) Are people actually leaving Facebook?

All About Rachel Miller

“Hi, I’m Rachel. Mom to a vanful, coffee-chugging, extrovert. I have been building pages for over a decade, some into multi-millions in fans. I have used those audiences to promote my book (selling over 100,000 copies), appear on Good Morning America to discuss my viral video, I have spoke to crowds in the thousands, and have built multiple websites each six-figure + earning… but what I love the most is seeing other do the same thing.”

Connect with Rachel:

All About Brian Dixon

Brian believes you are here for a purpose. As a bestselling author, podcaster, conference speaker, and business coach, Brian is passionate about helping people grow their impact and income online. He has a doctoral degree from the University of San Diego and is an author of the book Start With Your People. You can learn more about his coaching services and access free, downloadable resources at

Connect with Brian:

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