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Today I’m interviewing bestselling author and host of the popular “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey” podcast. We are talking about her new book, You Be You: Why Satisfaction and Success Are Closer Than You Think. We talk about what it truly means to be successful as a Christian woman, and why we don’t need to mimic or be jealous of someone else’s life or calling. I hope this interview with Jamie Ivey inspires you and motivates you to walk on the path that God has laid out uniquely for you! 

Hit the Highlights

(2:26) Why Quarantine was the hardest season of Jamie’s marriage

(6:24) How ‘You Be You’ became a book

(12:06) What are the false definitions of success that we believe?
(26:04) What do Adam and eve, the coronavirus, and the election have in common?
(28:33) How to discover your two callings in life (hint: it’s not motherhood or marriage!)

All About Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey is the creator and host of the popular podcast, “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey,” a central gathering place for talking about life and Jesus. Jamie told the raw, redemptive story that brought her to this place in her debut book, “If You Only Knew.” Now she’s telling the story that keeps her going and frames her God-empowering message to women today. Jamie and her husband, Aaron, make their home for six, plus guests—come anytime!—in Austin, Texas.

Connect With Jamie

Podcast: The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

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