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Has anyone else been super frustrated with how we have SIX different apps just to use all of Facebook’s features? You may have noticed Facebook recently updated from Creator Studio to Facebook Business Suite app…I hate it but my social media manager Mackinzie Burke loves it—and that’s just one of MANY apps Facebook uses…so I’m bringing her on the podcast with me today to tell you how, when, and why to use each app for your small business!

The Six Faces (apps) of Facebook

Facebook Business Suite
Creator Studio
Personal Facebook Page
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Ads
Facebook Analytics

Hit the Highlights

(7:30) Facebook Business Suite on desktop
(14:39) When and how to use Creator Studio for your small business
(23:30) Is the Facebook Messenger app here to stay?
(25:20) Where to manage your Facebook Ads
(28:07) Facebook analytics


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All About Mackinzie Burke

Mackinzie has been with Team Allwood since August 2019 and manages Facebook, Instagram, the blog pages. She lives in rural Minnesota with her husband and their two little girls.

Instagram @mackinzieburke

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