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If you’ve been thinking about creating a challenge on Facebook then you’re going to want to learn these lessons I learned from my first ever Facebook challenge! We decided done was better than perfect, and let me tell you—the Boost Your Biz Facebook Challenge ended up being a whole lot of fun!!! So today, I’m doing a deep dive into what you need to know about creating a challenge on Facebook so YOU can rock your next Facebook challenge for your business!

Hit the Highlights

(7:53) Here’s how to choose your topic for your Facebook challenge.
(8:37) How much time do you need to prepare for a Facebook challenge?
(10::50) Here’s what you should sell at the end of your Facebook challenge.
(12:20) How much should you charge for a challenge?
(5:20) Don’t create friction points in your challenge!

5 Takeaways For Creating Your Challenge on Facebook

1. Pick a topic you are passionate about and the content will flow!
This will bring out your “zone of genius.”
2. We didn’t have everything figured out – but we did it anyway! Get it
to 80% and go! Don’t wait for perfection!
3. You want to make sure your content is positioned to lead into another product. Make sure you have something to sell at the end of your challenge!
4. Pricing: Decide if you want to charge for the challenge or not. If you do charge, make it a lower ticket item. Make sure your checkout is going to be easy for the customer by utilizing Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc.
5. Make sure you can get some raving fans in your challenge to be cheerleaders for the people who are new to you!


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hard. I am so glad I recently found Jennifer’s podcast. I feel like she is
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feeling I have saying goodbye to a friend. I have found a kindred
creative spirit who I really enjoy listening to. Thanks, Jennifer! 


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