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Let’s talk about Instagram strategy! What I have found is that many people are using the wrong Instagram strategies! This hurts my heart because you’re putting time and effort into something that you may not see a return on. So in this episode I’m going over six strategies I’ve seen recently that are NOT going to grow your account and then telling you what to do to fix them. The truth is, when I first started growing my Instagram I fell for some bogus Instagram ‘hacks’ and I want you to learn from me so you don’t make the same mistakes I did!

Hit the Highlights

(3:24) Don’t: Tag 15 influencers on a photo in hopes that one might comment/respond/notice you.
(5:58) Do: Authentically share and engage with posts from those influencers and tag them on those comments.

(6:22) Don’t: Cold pitch to people you’ve never met or engaged with.
(8:07) Do: Build a genuine relationship.

(7:40) Don’t’: Pitch people you don’t follow.
(8:06) Do: Follow them and get to know them BEFORE DMing them.

(8:12) Don’t: Buy followers.
(9:16) Do: Work on increasing reach organically by creating shareable posts.
Pro tip: Your follows may increase but your other stats will tank causing the Instagram algorithm to throttle back your reach.

(11:10) Don’t: Use banned Hashtags and/or popular hashtags that aren’t related to your post.
(12:30) Do: Research hashtags to see what’s relevant and working in your niche.

(12:43) Don’t: Follow for Follow/Like for a Follow/Follow Pods/gimmicky stuff (Ex. Follow these 8 followers for a chance to win $1000.)
(14:49) Do: Share each other’s content organically and reach out to others when they share yours. A simple thank you goes a long way.

(15:17) Don’t: Follow/Unfollow strategy.
(17:05) Do: Only follow people you truly WANT to engage with.
Pro tip: See to see if certain accounts are using the follow/unfollow strategy! Instagram will penalize accounts with this activity.

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