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Hey Friends! For today’s podcast, I wanted to shake it up a little bit by sharing a chapter from my book, Fear Is Not the Boss of You. In this chapter, I really hit home that people are ALWAYS watching you. We all learn so much by watching how people handle things, react to situations, and use their gifts and talents. God has blessed each of us with talents.  Some are doctors, wood makers, teachers, bloggers, painters, lawyers, etc. See there is no gift too small, God created each of us the way he envisioned. Your gifts could be someone else’s blessing. You may never know how something you do or say affects someone. Your power and strength could help raise someone up that might be falling apart right now!

Hit the Highlights

[4:50] Using the gifts that God has given you for good
[7:25] Unless a woman’s mind and heart are changed, her business is never going to change
[11:00] Getting unstuck to be an influence on the people God surrounds you with
[12:55] People need to see you demonstrate grace under fire
[14:15] When you are stuck in fear, you cannot share your talents
[15:45] Your gifts, no matter how big or small, are your talents that God gave YOU!
[19:15] Seeing other people use their gifts sparks desire for you to be better
[21:10] Your life has a ripple effect on others
[22:30] We all start small, but there’s no such thing as a small calling

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