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This is my third podcast episode about having a business coach. Why? Because it is so stinkin’ crucial to your success! Today I want to focus on the difference between a business coach and a business consultant. Although both sound like the same thing, there is a clear difference.  In this episode, I want to help clear up that difference and help you decide which is better for you. AND if you are ready for coaching, I want you to go to and get on the waitlist for my coaching group that is opening soon!!!

Hit the Highlights

[5:00] Difference between a coach and a consultant
[9:15] 80/20 Rule
[11:10] What a good coach does
[13:50] Why group coaching is better for me than 1-on-1
[17:50] Having a coach is crucial
[19:10] Recap of how to pick a coach

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