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Today I want to share the biz tools I am loving lately. These are things that let me work smarter, not harder! The biz world has so many companies creating things to help with the online space that it can be overwhelming. I want to unwhelm you and give you the inside scoop on what helps me get work done so I can spend more time on the true priorities of my life. Also, head on over to my YouTube channel if you want to see for yourself some of the tools I’m discussing.

Hit the Highlights

[4:15] Mount for livestreaming
[6:30] Zoom Meeting vs. Zoom Webinar
[11:00] What is Voxer?
[13:25] Keeping track of your online mentions
[15:25] Managing your Facebook Pages

Top Tools

  1. AirPod Pro
  2. Arkon Mount
  3. Zoom
  4. Voxer
  5. Mentions App & Creators Studio App

Episode Sponsor

Today’s episode is sponsored by Create with Christie, Hand Lettering & other creative arts!

She created a faith-based membership group called “Be the Light” Lettering tribe.  The tribe not only learns hand lettering techniques but how to be a light in the world through creativity. Which we need soooo badly right now.

 Her tribe is open to new members. if you want to join go here:

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