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Friends!  If there ever was a time to have an online event, it’s right now! The world is a bit chaotic and most states still have limits for gathering sizes, but people are wanting and needing to find a connection with others. Turning to use the online space for an event can help connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Use this time to try something like an online event to engage with your audience in a new way. In today’s podcast, I am giving you 3 tips for you to think about when you have an event online. Don’t let it be scary! It could be one of the best things for your business and your audience.

Hit the Highlights

[2:30] Shifting from in-person to online event
[6:10] Go beyond on value
[9:45] Practice! Practice! Practice!
[12:00] Create an atmosphere close to in-person
[15:00] Questioning if you should do an online event?  YES, Girl!!!

Quick Tips

  1. Offer incredible value.
  2. Practice the tech and have a back-up plan.
  3. Be engaging.

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