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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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Building an email list can be so powerful for your business. Emailing is a great way to engage with your customers and build the know/like/trust factor that is so critical. I don’t want you to let your fear hold you back. Start consistently sending a weekly email! It’s all about great content and developing a relationship, and it doesn’t have to be “salesy”. Remember, they subscribed to you because they felt a connection so BE YOU! To help get you on your way, I sat down with Tarzan Kay, Email Copy Queen, to talk about some of her best tips and tricks when it comes to copywriting and all things email!

Hit the Highlights

[4:05] Copywriting Basics
[6:10] Subject Line Hot Tips and Tricks
[10:50] How Often Should You Email?
[11:55] Nurture vs. Promo/Launch Emails
[14:15] Be Upfront With Sales
[15:25] Launching Email Sequences
[17:20] GIF or JIF – the world may never know LOL
[21:20] Compete with Yourself Instead of Industry
[23:00] Not a Grammar Junkie?
[27:00} Rapid Fire Questions

All About Tarzan

Tarzan Kay is a former copywriter, a whiz at digital course launches, and a sci-fi fanatic! She loves helping people grow their businesses with email. Whether it’s selling an online course or booking their first day-rate client, she loves to see people leverage the power of email.

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