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With the world in such disarray, so many people are shifting the ways they learn, sell, teach, create, communicate, etc. This makes it the perfect time to start something new especially if you’re the type of person that needs a fallback or excuse! Right now if you have a hiccup, blame corona. Getting started is always the hardest part! It is hard because you can be so easily discouraged by the success of others..or maybe by things said by “well-meaning” friends and family. In this podcast, I have 3 helpful tips for when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged when you begin something new. You got this!

Hit the Highlights

[4:05] Feel comfort in doing during this pandemic
[6:40] Keep it going!
[8:40] Establish your Focus
[10:45] Watch others to see what drives your heart
[11:40] You are your circle
[12:05] Guard your dreams
[15:10] Do something every day
[18:05] Get Starter Kit

Helpful Links

  • Do you need help deciding where to focus your entrepreneur energy? Go here for a great tool.
  • I have a great Starter Kit that is awesome for helping you get started in your biz. Everything from picking a name to registering and getting legit. Go here to check it out!

Listener Spotlight

Thank you Sarah for your kind words. I pray a blessing on you and your future business!

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