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If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube, you know a few weeks ago I did some videos talking about how within 6 months I’ve lost half my hair. I am watching very closely what’s going on with the Deva Curl products and have become very invested. First, because of my own personal health and second, as a business person to see how they as a company handle this storm. There is a lot for us as business owners and consumers to learn here.

Hit the Highlights

  • [8:30] How this got started
  • [9:56] What I was using
  • [11:13] Where I first shared my story
  • [13:10] What they could be doing better
  • [19:50] Time for a ‘bigger conversation’
  • [20:39] What can help you be more aware of what you are using
  • [22:15] Who else is responsible
  • [27:04] So, what next?

Take Action

4 Ways to Handle a Disgruntled Customer in Your own Business

  1. Make your customers feel heard.
  2. Make your customers feel understood.
  3. Stay super transparent.
  4. Remember, it’s not always just about what we think it is about.

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