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I absolutely love any time I get to interview my students and coaching clients who are killing it in the online space. I feel like such a proud mama. Stacey’s interview definitely did not disappoint! Stacey has gone from a prisoner of her garage, only making money when she was painting furniture, to a happy successful business owner who is passionate about what she is doing and has found freedom in her time and finances. After taking my course, The Creators Roadmap™, she has implemented 6 of the 7 revenue streams I teach. Stacey has done the work and made it happen and you can too!

The Creators Roadmap™ is open until Thursday night at midnight and then the doors will be closing. I usually only open this course once a year so now is your chance. Go here for all the details>>>

All About Stacey

Stacey is the owner of Wilshire Collections. She teaches and inspires women to create, decorate and find joy within their homes! From decorating and DIY ideas to delivering cute decor to your door…she’s got ya covered and will have you truly loving your home in no time!

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