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Interviewing Chalene Johnson is a dream come true. She has so much wisdom to share. She is real and relatable and an open book when talking about her journey in business and in health. She is a researcher and has lots of knowledge to share about brain health. She is also super-intentional as a wife and mom and a true inspiration. This was one of my favorite interviews and I know will bless all who listen!

How to Network Well in the Online Space

  • [7:00] Chalene is multi-passionate but says you have to start with one thing. She shares when it is a good time to branch out.
  • [15:09] Chalene has made several shifts and pivots in her business and follows an 80/20 formula.
  • [17:48] Another reason Jen thinks she and Chalene should be best friends. Hint: It has to do with memory or lack thereof.
  • [19:37] Finding, researching, and diagnosing brain issues have been a big part of Chalene’s story. She strongly believes in having actual scans done and tell us very unhealthy habit she was doing that she didn’t even realize.
  • [27:21] Chalene shares her motivation for making changes in her life.
  • [29:23] Keeping a strong relationship with kids and building a business can be a hard balance. Chalene and her husband have had some iron-clad policies in place to keep their family a priority.
  • [38:44] What does Chalene think about TikTok? Everyone should join today if only to play around on this very intelligent and fun social network.
  • [44:36] Are you making these Instagram mistakes?
  • [49:45] Rapid Fire Questions

All About Chalene

New York Times Best Selling Author of Push, Chalene Johnson is a lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker, and podcast host. She and Bret, her husband of over twenty years, are the founders of the SmartLife movement. Today, with her husband, Chalene runs a fun-loving, collaborative team focused on helping others live a healthier, more simplified life through their online academies, membership sites, and live, sold-out seminars.

Chalene, with the help of top dietitians, doctors, researchers, and experts, she founded the 131 Method – a nutritional coaching program that’s turning the diet industry upside down. Chalene’s new book The 131 Method just came out in April 2019. She hosts two top-ranked podcasts, The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe, Huffington Post recognized Chalene as one of the “Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch.”

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