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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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We can learn so much by studying other businesses. This week we are talking to Stacey Haynes of Anchored Soul Designs. She has grown her business from just making signs for her and friends to now having signs in over 70 stores! In this business case study, we talk about the importance of her social media following, how she started wholesaling, finding balance with wholesale and retail, some ideas for finding help when you need it, and more. As you listen, find some takeaways that you can apply to your business!


Stacey Haynes
Anchored Soul Designs
Facebook: @ShopAnchoredSoulDesigns


  • I am so thankful that Stacey has been part of my Inner Circle for many years!!! I am blessed to have been part of her business journey. If you want to learn more about my Inner Circle or be notified the next time we open the doors, CLICK HERE!!!

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  • Love your podcast! I want to start playing the piano and eventually teach online Piano lessons as a subscription. Which is my passion I do not care if I make money or not right now? I started something big and scary 4 years ago I did personal FB lives, playing the piano for my friends and, family. A Friend last year asked me to play for her Women Group Ministry. She saw one of my FB lives and invite me. Long story short it looked off and now I’m volunteering for an Assisted living home in Piper KS and now they’re asking me to play Johnny Cash songs, Country songs and a final finally of whatever I played in the beginning. I even had one gig from a worker in the home. This may not sound big but it’s a start. It’s all because you told us to try something scary in your personal life so you business can prosper basic thank you for doing FB lives and Podcast. I appreciate you, I learn so much from you!
    My business is Melodies by Phyllis

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