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Your niche is where it’s at, friends. It is absolutely true that if you are for everybody, then you are for nobody. I get that it can be very difficult as women to focus on one group of people, when God has created us to be helpers! But in business, it’s so important to know who your business serves and niching down is the best way to get your product or service in front of the perfect audience. This is what we’re talking about on today’s podcast!

Hit the Highlights

[02:00] Why it can be hard to find your niche
[03:45] Starting with painting then ending up coaching
[07:00] Marketing to the right people
[08:50] How I niched down in my own biz
[10:15] What happens when you niche down

“I saw your podcast recommended in an Etsy FB Group and wow, am I so glad I did! Thank you so much for helping us work through our businesses and really making sure we have a secure and sustainable plan. God bless you!”

Listener: Elly McSomethingPodcast Review: “Etsy shop owner here!”

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