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An opt-in is so much more than just a newsletter subscription form! You have to give something to get emails.

Hopefully you read my email marketing advice first so you have that set up.  You will use your email marketing platform to build pop-ups, form fields and links.

Opt-in Places

  • Pop-up (I’ve used Popup Domination, Popup Ally … so many options!)
  • Top of Website
  • Side Bar
  • Footer
  • Link in Blog
  • Button in Blog
  • Separate Landing Page
  • Social Media Profiles + Content + Ads

My Opt-in Examples that I used to Grow my Email List



I hope that gives you ideas for your own. Some of these go into my Business email list, some go into my DIY email list. I know i need to update these!!!!!

What should you give away??

Well, what are people asking you for free?? What kind of free resources can you gather???? How will you deliver it?

  • Video
  • PDF
  • List
  • Printable
  • E-book


  • Make a Pinterest Pin with your opt-in… have a landing page for your opt-in and add that direct link (URL) to your Instagram and Pinterest profiles. Mention it in your Facebook Lives.
  • Make sure your content is FRESH & SEASONAL
  • Make your popup INTERESTING. Don’t do boring.
  • Make your popup appear after 45 seconds

XOXO jen

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