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The #AllwoodFamilyRemodel continues!

When we first moved into the new house, you could see three different flooring surfaces from the entry way.

Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

It was a flooring confusion.

The new home had these floorings:

Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

1. Golden Oak hardwood in the entry way (the skinny planks that everyone in Kansas City had in their house 15 years ago). In order to keep the existing floor, we would have had to use skinny planks again, which I didn’t want to. And we would have had to strip the current stain color and restain it the new color I wanted. It was just easiest to take it out.

And yes, we did try to salvage the oak for the Restore, but it was impossible. It came up in little pieces. Ug!



Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

2. Carpet in the formal living room. Can you see what’s left in this photo above?  It was super light in color and in need of a facelift.


Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

3. And dark slate tile in the hearth room and kitchen. I hated the slate. It’s so uneven. It’s cold. It hurt my feet to walk on. Lol. It’s pretty, but it had to go!

So I don’t know a ton about professional design, but I do know that any time you want to make a space flow better or appear larger that if you make the flooring CONSISTENT that will really help. Pretty simple…. just use the same flooring everywhere!


Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

So essentially we just had everything ripped out and had Nebraska Furniture Mart install our new hardwood floors.


Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

We wanted something that was pre-stained because usually if you stain a hardwood floor after it’s been installed, you’d have to make your family live in a hotel or else where for several days. We didn’t want to do that. We’ve got a business to run and three crazy kids and a dog. So I was looking for a real hardwood, not manufactured, that was pre-stained. I had no idea this was even a thing until we saw it at NFM!!!


Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

We also wanted a hardwood floor that would be less trendy than the gray we put in our last house, which you can see here.

Plus we wanted something a little warmer in color since all of the walls in our home are painted this cool gray tone(see it here).  I wanted the new floors to have a lot of warmth to them. 

So we chose “Paramount Mountain Heritage Hickory” in the color Blackburn. (There are like 11 colors to choose from!)

Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

And I am thrilled!!!


Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

The first floor looks so much bigger now!


And it doesn’t feel “compartmentalized”. Like here is the family room. And here is the kitchen. Etc. It’s just all one space, which was my goal!!!

PS. from this photo you can see our formal living room’s fireplace. Details on that makeover are here.

Dark Hardwood Floors Jennifer Allwood

And at last the entryway is consistent.

We still have a few fun projects coming out — including all new gold light fixtures and the secrets to our bathroom & kitchen cabinet painted makeover and light-colored brick where you see that exposed wall!!! my blog HERE  to follow our updates!

You can also watch the latest projects on Instagram –> @JenniferAllwood




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