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Contrary to what you have heard, I am NOT a stripper

By February 22, 20117 Comments

I am not into stripping………

But, I have a few clients whom I appreciate so much that I will do pretty much anything they ask me to.

One of those clients recently called to tell me that her leather day planner had made a black mark on the beautiful desk we fauxed for her about 5 years ago.

I tried to wash the black marks off. I tried to sand them off. I tried paint thinner. I tried a Magic Eraser which you know from this post fixes everything.

There was no denying it.

I was gonna have to strip for the first time in my career.

I thought I could just strip the area with the stain. But quickly realized that huge circle in the middle of my glazed wood was not going to patch in well.

So I poured stripper on the whole top and was MOR-ti-fied to watch it bubble….

And LISTEN to it bubble. OMGosh….what is IN that stuff???

It is freaky!

It looked like this after the first stripping. So I was forced to strip again and again against my will.

And scrape off nasty layers of yuck every time.

Until it was squeaky clean and stainless again.

I re-glazed the bare wood and called it perfect!

I can now add “stripper” to my resume.

Check out her cute desk chair…….leopard print… love language!


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