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I’m so honored to interview Pastor Shameka Daniels today. I connected with Shameka years ago on Instagram and it all started with Pastor Darius’ book on Relational Intelligence.  Shameka is a creative powerhouse who loves to empower and encourage women. She is also a speaker at my virtual event, Money, Faith, and Business.  Listen up as we talk through what it’s like to be married to a Pastor and be in ministry, Pastors, and making money outside the church and money mindset misconceptions. Get an insider look at what a “planning weekend” is and what it looks like for Shameka and Dharius.

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If you loved hearing from Shameka, you will not want to miss this event. Here from Shameka and over 30 other like-minded top female Christian leaders.  Think about the success you could have if you are able to get your money mindset, your faith, and your business in alignment with God’s calling on your life. Christian biz owners should be the most successful in their industry and I want to help you get there! Go to to get signed up!

Hit the Highlights

[04:52] What is it like to be married to a Pastor and be in ministry yourself?
[11:42] You can be in ministry and be in the regular marketplace.
[09:31] O.H.I.O. — “Only Handle It Once.”
[15:50] Making money outside of ministry as a Pastor.
[22:20] There’s a lot of mindset misconceptions about money and wealth.
[26:05] What does a planning weekend look like?

All About Shameka

Shameka Daniels is a Pastor’s wife, who is also a Pastor herself. She is a multi-talented creative who empowers and encourages women to be who God has made them to be! Shameka uses mentor groups, workshops, and other events to coach and disciple women to discover their callings.

Shameka is passionate about helping others live a life of joy and peace, and she believes it all starts with building yourself. Shameka has a Bachelor of Arts, degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has a Masters degree in Health & Human Counseling: Marriage and Family. She is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute and a certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker.

Shameka is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She is married to the love of her life, Dharius Daniels and is the proud mother of Dharius Seth & Gabriel Micah. She enjoys traveling, reading, fitness, tennis, and spending time with the three most important men in her life: Dharius, Seth & Gabe.

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