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After coaching hundreds of creative women in the last 2 years I have noticed a definite pattern.  Some businesses I just know will make it. And some I know will have more of a challenge. It has nothing to do with the business name. Or the location. Or the product.

It has everything to do with the PERSON.

You guys, owning a business is HARD. 8 out of every 10 businesses fail as I talked about on THIS podcast.

Control Freak - 8 Signs that you will Make it as a Business Owner | Business Tips -

But I have found if you possess certain qualities as a business owner, certain character traits, certain mindsets… that you have an AWESOME chance of your biz making it! I have watched it over and over and over!!!

There are 8 qualities that I have determined are key to someone being successful in business.

I have those 8 points below. Or, scroll down and just watch the video I did on my Facebook page giving you the quiz!!!!

Are you:

1.)  A self starter? Are you self motivated and disciplined by nature? Cuz’ ain’t no one going to be prodding you along and feeding you the next step and telling you what to do.  You gotta be able to push yourself…. even when you’d rather not.

2.)   Do you LIKE social media? Social media is a MUST in today’s business. SPOILER ALERT: you don’t have to be the best in your industry…. you just have to be better at social media than your competitors!!!

3.)  Do you understand that this is a marathon and not a sprint? If you are looking for overnight results it your business, it would be better to by that snake venom eye cream that is supposed to get rid of your wrinkles overnight (yes, I fell for that scam). This is a slow climb, but momentum WILL happen if you can keep going!!!

 Spend the Money - 8 Signs that you will Make it as a Business Owner | Business Tips

4.) Are you willing to invest a little money up front for things like a website? You must, must, must have a website. It’s the only online real estate that you own. And a website is not free. But it is necessary!!! (by the way it doesn’t have to be amazing or expensive. You can get a website going for under $1000. Ask me how!)

Control Freak - 8 Signs that you will Make it as a Business Owner | Business Tips -

5.) Are you NOT a control freak? Control freaks have a much harder time at being SUCCESSFUL in business because you want everything in your biz to be neat and tidy with a little biz bow on top. That will NOT happen and the path to success is not straight up. It is wild and curvy. Control freaks CAN teach themselves to go with the flow more and be flexible. And they need to for business. You WILL have to outsource some of what you do (can you imagine if Oprah or Joanna Gaines tried to do everything???? Lol! Heck no!) and you will have to give up some of your OCD nature. The more relaxed you are about needing your hand in everything… the better off you will be.

6.) Someone who doesn’t overthink things or take forever to make decisions. Look, the colors to use on your website and the font on your Facebook cover logo DO NOT MATTER. Seriously. The “schedule” of how many posts to do a day DOES NOT MATTER. You are focusing on the wrong things. You need to be quick to decide and do it and remember that very little on this side of Heaven is permanent. You CAN  change things. But don’t dwell on your biz decisions.  People who dwell and think about and contemplate will struggle. You need to evaluate. Pray. And GO. If you overthink things to death, business will be hard for you because your job is honestly making decisions

7.) Are you willing to continue REGARDLESS of what people think? Look, people are going to have opinions on your business and what you’re doing and where you’re going. Well meaning friends and family are going to shoot holes in your biz ideas (by the way, quit telling them everything you’re planning and doing! Tell your biz buddies instead!). The more successful you become, the more opinionated people will be about whatever you’re doing. Are you able to keep going ANYWAY? If you can’t handle the heat when your biz is still small there is no way you’ll be able to keep up when it’s bigger. Get clear on God’s instruction for your life. Get clear on where you’re going. Get counseling. Get so convinced that you’re running the race set before you that while their words and opinions may sting, you don’t let them change your mission.

8.) And finally, are you a problem solver? Or, a problem teller? Every day in your business you will be presented with challenges and perhaps the thoughts of quitting. It WILL get hard. There will be days when everything goes wrong and you will ponder if you could go make more $ at McDonalds. You will wonder why the heck you’re doing this? You will not feel smart enough. But if you are someone who solves challenges….. who doesn’t constantly complain about why something ISN’T working or WON’T work…. you will go places!  Successful people figure things out. Not because they are the smartest but because they focus on solutions and they do not quit.

So, how did you do????

If you fit the majority of those 8 points….. you have an AWESOME chance at making it in business.

And if not, well then you know you have some work to do as a business owner. All of that is FIXABLE. Most of it requires you change YOUR THINKING!

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8 Signs that You will make it as Business Owner - Business Advice and Creative Business Coaching by Jennifer Allwood


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