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Black China Hutch Jennifer Allwood
AllwoodJennifer Allwood Homefurniture

A Gorgeous Black China Cabinet

My friend Samantha purchased this gorgeous stained hutch off of Craigslist. *This post may contain affiliate links for products I used & loved in this furniture makeover. (before) But, she got it home and felt like it looked like a piece in her Grandmother's house.So, we painted it black and…
November 15, 2010
Black Painted Headboard Jennifer Allwood
AllwoodJennifer Allwood Homefurniture

Dear flaky Craigslist buyer:

Dear flaky Craigslist buyer, The bed you were SUPPOSED to buy, used to look like this: But with a little black paint and distressing, I turned it into this:   Just look at these details! It's Gorgeous & Elegant. I loved how it turned out!  But when you ask me…
April 22, 2010