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If you are interested in Jennifer being on your podcast or speaking at your event, please email us at [email protected]. Hear some of her podcast interviews below.

Meet Jennifer

Topics I love to discuss:


  • How to build a massive, engaged audience online.
  • How to work from home while raising kiddos
  • How to set up multiple revenue streams for your online business (I have 7 revenue streams currently)
  • How to shift from working “in the field” to going all in online
  • How to set up RECURRING revenue streams in your business (I have 1100 people in my monthly groups averaging $45K in monthly revenue)
  • Charging what you are worth (and not apologizing for it)
  • How to step into your God-given purpose as a working woman and not feel GUILTY about working or making money
  • How our excuses as women for why we don’t start a business are totally lame (common excuses are they don’t know where to start or when the kids are gone)

I am happy to discuss your needs and see if my message fits your audience. Email us at [email protected]

As Seen In

Radio & Podcast Appearances

Interview with Pete Vargas from Advance Your Reach

Pete Vargas interviews Jennifer for a new episode on his podcast, Inside the Greenroom. Listen Here »

John Lee Dumas chats with Jennifer Allwood

Jennifer shares 6 of the ways to add multiple revenue streams to your online business.  Listen Here »

Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue in Your Business with Jennifer Allwood

Amy Porterfield chats with Jennifer how she used her creativity and passion to create six different revenue streams in her business. Listen Here »

The Happy Hour

Jamie Ivey chats with Jennifer about the big and little things in life … from raising teenage boys to how she became “Facebook Famous” and completely transformed her painting business for the online space.  Listen Here »


Ally Loprete talks with Jennifer Allwood, queen of the creative entrepreneur and busy mom mogul. Jen shares how to balance a full load of busy blissfulness, working at home when the kids are out of school for summer, and the secret to building an impressive social media following! Listen Here »


On this episode of Crazy Blessed with Hannah Keeley: Jen & Hannah discuss why moms, who are raising kids, commonly feel like they have left their passion and goals behind. Motherhood is no small task. God has a special call for moms and He has equipped you with all the talent, skill, and creativity you need to succeed.. Listen Here »


Truth Carrie interviews Creative Entrepreneur and CEO of The Magic Brush, Inc Jennifer Allwood who shares her faith testimony and what the Lord’s taught her along the way about motherhood, life and marriage. Listen Here »


We talk about everything from her renewing her wedding vows in Florida, to chatting about the comparison trap,  painting kitchens, meeting Joanna Gaines and decorating your house for the way that you want it, not for resale value. I hope this brings some fun to your week and inspires you to make your house your own style.. Listen Here »

Faith Positive Radio

Faith Positive Radio: Jennifer Allwood

Hear Jennifer talk with Dr. Joey about the intersection of faith and creativity! She also talks about her Equipped Conference.  “A conference where business and faith collide.” Listen here>>>
She Walks In Truth

Equipped Conference with Jennifer Allwood

On this episode of She Walks In Truth with Carrie Robaina, Jennifer joins the show to talk about the Equipped conference for Christian women in business who desire to arm themselves with tools to do business God’s way. Listen here>>>
The Organized Life

Following Your Passion with Special Guest, Jennifer Allwood

Jennifer talks with Laurie Palau of This Organized Life about creating an empire from her passion for painting and how she now focuses her gift on training other creatives to build their businesses. Listen Here >>

That Mom Show

Tuesday Takeover

Do you want to get away and GROW? Jennifer talks all about her conference (the one she secretly didn’t want to have). Listen here>>>
Gift Biz Unwrapped

Grow Your Audience – Grow Your Business with Jennifer Allwood of The Magic Brush

Jennifer shares her infectious enthusiasm for helping like-minded creative women build their social media followers and turn their talents and hobbies into lucrative online businesses. She has a gift for creating relationships and showing up for each one of them. Listen here>>>



Jennifer entertains and challenges Haley Williams’ audience with her wit and wisdom that applies to both life and entrepreneurial ventures of all kinds. They chat about how Jennifer has the audacity to charge what she’s worth, how she grew from a service business to a 6-revenue stream business that helped her husband retire from his corporate job and how she’s continuing to be a “Yes Girl” for God. Listen here >>>

Jennifer Allwood- Creating a Scaleable Creative Business

Jennifer shares with the Creative Warrior audience how to make your business scalable by utilizing your online platform and charging to teach others all over the world how to do what you do. To learn how to take your creative business global, Listen here>>>
do Well & do Good

Taking your Creative Passion from Hobby to Business

In this episode, Jennifer discusses what challenges creative entrepreneurs need to prepare themselves for, the importance of social media in getting your creative business off the ground, and how a follower in need pushed her to give back to her community. Listen here >>>
The Driven Entrepreneur

Jennifer Allwood – Faith in Business and Growing an Authentic Following

Jennifer Allwood sat down with Matt Brauning to discuss business, faith and her entrepreneurial journey. Listen here >>>
The Big Shift Podcast

How to Use Facebook to Get Clients

Bill Baren talks with Jennifer abut hoe she has grown two online businesses to multiple six figures with remarkable ease. She gets real about exactly what it takes to attract and nurture a dedicated tribe of followers online, why “diversifying” income streams is critical, and how asking the right questions generates content that buyers gobble up. Listen here >>>
Fist Pump Friday

Jennifer Allwood, Being a “YES” girl to God

Mendy interviews Jennifer about saying “YES” to God’s call to do those big scary things that God calls us too. Jennifer shares her passion for adoption, her love for Jesus, and a few hard lessons along the way. She drops a lot of encouragement and wisdom in this podcast. After listening, you’ll want to jump off your seat and get busy doing all the things God’s been pressing into your heart. Listen here>>>
Dream Cast

How to Turn Your Creative Passion Into a Profitable Business

Jennifer Allwood has some amazing nuggets of knowledge and wisdom to share. This conversation includes:

  • The mindset behind building an audience of future customers
  • What it takes to go from being a “creative” to a “creative business expert”
  • Why “Charge What Your Worth” isn’t always true
  • Going beyond services to fit multiple income sources into your business
  • Public speaking even when doing it is not your first choice
  • Balancing business and marriage: what’s the worst that could happen?

Listen Here>>>


News Appearances

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