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Let us bring your brick fireplace into this decade…

By November 28, 201013 Comments
(Fireplace BEFORE)

I will start by saying I lovvvvvvvvvvve brick fireplaces. And I love floor to ceiling brick fireplaces even more.

But, I don’t love the “fleshiness” of the color of some bricks. They can have too much pink or too much red or too much orange or even too much purple in them at times.

No fear! Your brick can be stained/glazed to tone down those colors. It still looks like brick, but without the flesh tones.

(Fireplace AFTER)

In addition…..we can paint your oak mantle. Doesn’t the black mantle go better with the black in the brick and the black fireplace insert?

And finally, let us tone down the grey color in your grout to make it browner.

It brings your brick fireplace into this decade….

Any look at how great it looks all done and decorated! (perhaps I should have blogged about this a little closer to Halloween. Oh well…..’tis the season for me being behind in my blog posts.)


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