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Host Portal

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Host Kit

The host kit provided here is your guide to hosting a stellar book club! It’s tips, tricks, tools, and templates to guide you through organizing and hosting a book club that will connect your community!

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Member Recruitment

In this folder is everything you’ll need to start recruiting members to join your book club!  You’ll find graphics and words you can use to start extending the invitations.

Remember, you don’t have to only invite your best girlfriends, you can extend this invitation to anybody! This is such a phenomenal time to create connections online, and you can start here.

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Discussion Guide

Here you will find a chapter by chapter Discussion Guide. This guide was created to prompt and promote lively and meaningful discussion as you work your way through the book with your community.  Questions are meant to encourage each member to ponder and share how the book spoke to them and how they can use it in their own life. The beauty is in members sharing their own life experiences and everyone learning from one another.

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Social Media Collateral

This folder contains special goodies you can use to post on social media outlets, groups, etc. Share away!!  These images are great to generate and facilitate excitement throughout your community!  They are organized to correspond and work with you as you progress through each part of the book.

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Questions, concerns or feedback? Please email [email protected]

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