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This past week I had a post go a little bonkers and got a fair amount of backlash, and the post was not what you would have expected! Let’s chat about it and 5 tips to handle social media backlash with grace.

Hit the Highlights

[0:53] The Fear of Being Canceled

[02:09] My Post That Went Sideways

[06:21] I Promise You That You Can Handle a Little Heat on Social Media if My Introverted Self Can

[08:30] Tip #1: Use Great Discernment in What to Post

[08:45] Tip #2: There are People Who are Not Mentally Well and Who You Can’t Reason With, Sometimes the High Road is Silence

[15:29] Tip #3: Not Everyone is for You

[17:50] Tip #4: To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required

[19:21] Tip #5: How to Insulate Your Heart

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