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This Friday I am introducing you to another new friend! Jaime Cross is has a faith that is so inspirational. Basically she asked God for a billion-dollar business idea and that is just what she got. But she first had to be faithful in the small like things, like spending a year learning how to make a bar of soap! You don’t want to miss this great story!

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Hit the Highlights

  • [2:25] The dream that started it all for Jaime
  • [4:41] Jaime’s billion-dollar idea
  • [6:56] Jaime’s faith background
  • [9:37] The role faith plays in Jaime’s business
  • [11:58] Jaime’s obligation and purpose
  • [13:10] Rapid Fire Questions
  • [15:41] What does freedom look like for Jaime

All About Jaime

Two years after leaving her corporate banking career to be home with her newborn son, Jaime Cross began to feel the daunting emptiness of mediocrity. Knowing there was more, and feeling the pull of vision and purpose, Jaime began earnestly seeking direction. She longed to be unleashed to fulfill the calling that stirred within her soul.

During a quiet and lonely night of seeking, she asked God for a billion-dollar idea and soon after, saw a business plan in a dream.

Jaime embarked on her entrepreneurial journey the next morning and after eight long years of trial and error…. and a lot of mistakes and tears… her multi seven-figure company is one of the fastest-growing organic skincare companies in the world. Jaime now stands at the forefront of business as a force for good, bridging her two empires, MIG and The HER Effect together to equip and surround women who are ready to rise. She is passionately paving the way for women to embody true beauty, pursue purpose, and embark on their own journey towards Becoming HER with profitability and a soul set on fire.

Where to Find Jaime

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