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A few weeks back, I shared a photo on social media of an emergency food package that we had delivered, and I couldn’t believe how many messages I received about wanting to know more! So…here’s a bonus episode all about emergency planning, and specifically the emergency planning that my family and I have been preparing. I want you to grab pen and paper and take note of what you might take away from this episode. This episode won’t be for everyone, so take this information and do with it what you want! Today’s bonus podcast episode is definitely different…so buckle in!

Hit the Highlights

[10:00] Some of us are more wired to need safety
[15:40] Getting your home in order for the unexpected times
[22:30] The benefit of having your own biz right now
[33:45] Self-protection and self-defense
[41:40] We don’t fight against flesh and blood

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