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How do you truly reframe your thoughts so you can flip the script? In this special bonus episode from a live training I held this week, I am going to talk all about how choosing to change the way you think about something, reframe it, so you can change your life. Your past is not going to change. Things that have happened, you have no control over. But you do have control over how you think about those things. I’ve recently launched my new life coaching group, Reframed and this is exactly what I coach on…changing the way you think so you can change the outcome. Let’s talk about it today!

Hit the Highlights

[19:22] How we think about the things that are keeping us stuck
[22:36] Rolodex of feelings produce results
[25:37] The shame and blame spiral
[30:07] Everyone has that one situation that can get you stuck
[35.22] Choose to think differently so you don’t spiral
[38:07] You can’t lose with strategy combined with the power of Heaven
[54:22] We do have the power to change things by reframing our thoughts.

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