Friends, I got to meet Rachel Hollis last month.

If you don’t know who Rachel is…. she has written 5 books. She owns an ad agency. She is a regular on the Hallmark Home and Family Channel. She travels the world with people like Jen Hatmaker. She just released a brand new cookbook. She speaks and encourages and…… she’s kind of big deal.


When I heard she was coming out to KC, I had my people contact her people (and by “my people”, I mean I dm’d her on every possible social channel. (I don’t recommend people do that by the way but desperate times called for desperate measures.)

And she was game to have a meet up of our “tribes” while she was in Kansas City.

Listen, Rachel has perfected the art of building an online “tribe”. She has people all across the US who drive to meet her when she does a “meet up”.

A tribe is not just “fans”.  These are women who feel like they know her. Who have seen her abs on the Today Show. Who have followed her adoption story. Who will drive 7 hours to one of her events. This is what community online looks like. This is the whooooooooooooooooole point of social media my friends.

And this is what I teach in my business course also.

  1. Use your social media to build relationship.
  2. Add value to people’s lives on your social media (teach, encourage, inspire!).
  3. Build YOURSELF as a brand because I know you think you’ll never tire of painting furniture for a living but girl, do you want to still be doing that at 50??? ( I love you while i type that!)


So part of my tribe includes my talented photographer friend Aimee Decker who did my makeup for the event and does my makeup for every TV appearance. (In related news, I am obsessed with the eyelashes she uses on me and am considering lash extensions! Email me if you have any thoughts on that!)

And because I know you will ask I am giving you a few affiliate links to my outift:

  • My shirt is from Stitchfix (they pick out my clothes for me every month and they know I love bright colors!)
  • The fur vest that I  have had to stop myself from wearing every single day and I will miss it so much during summer can be found HERE.
  • And my new obsession of a necklace is from Altar’d State.… my favorite boutique in Kansas City!

These are the girls who work for me and 2 of my friends who are also part of MY TRIBE.  I wanted my Magic Brush girls who paint for me every day to feel special to go meet Rachel….  so I rented a limo for us all from Pech Limosine in KC.

Because everyone feels special when they roll up in a limo, right?

Another part of MY TRIBE are the group of creative women in my online coaching group every month. They call themselves the #CircleSisters on Facebook. They are the reason I keep going online day in and day out. These girls plug away daily at building their creative businesses and it blesses my socks off that I get to lead them.

One of those girls made the cookies for the meet up. It was Rachel’s birthday …. and birthdays deserve cookies.  These are from local cookie artist Sweet and Saucy Life. Are they not works of art in themselves??? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGosh. Beautiful!

I tried my best to rent an Elvis impersonator to serenade Rachel Hollis for her birthday since she and Elvis nearly share a birthday.

But apparently Elvis impersonators need more than a 24-hour notice (God bless my last minute ideas), so that didn’t work out.

But look at the group of women who showed up to celebrate with Rachel and I.

My tribe + her tribe = bliss. 

My talented friend and #CircleSister Melissa from Melissa Rieke Photography  took these fun pics!

The whole night just blessed my socks off. I think anytime you meet another woman who you know is hustling and at the same time mom-ing and wife-ing and trying to do her best at juggling all of it….. instinctively you feel like you understand a piece of one another.

And that is how I feel about Rachel. A little part of me gets a little part of her.

I have mad respect for her and the business she has built and the grace with which she handles it all.

I was so honored to be part of Rachel’s tribe for the evening.

And for those of you in my tribe, I appreciate you so, so much. Thank you for your consistent words of encouragement and support!

I have a podcast with Rachel Hollis!!! Don’t miss this. Listen here. 



(If you own a business and honestly need help figuring out who your people are and how to find them, go HERE. I will teach you! )

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