Covering Your Business in Prayer:
A Devotional for the Creative Entrepreneur
Dear Creative Entrepreneur,

I can still remember sitting in a cubicle 20 years ago and dreaming about owning my own faux painting business. I would sit and Google pretty walls and waste oodles of company time because my heart was elsewhere.

I wanted to make things pretty and quit that job I hated.

Little did I know that the Lord was going to give me my dream of painting walls for clients and that eventually, I’d employ many other talented artists to paint for me.  Little did I know that 20 years later, I would be instructing people online how to build their own creative business and paint their own projects.  And little did I know that even though dreams come true, that there is always “stuff” we are required to walk through in the middle of following our dreams.  Hard stuff.  Scary stuff.  Yucky stuff.  Stuff that caught me completely off guard.

Over the course of owning that painting company for 16 years, and then transitioning that company to an online empire where I coach business owners on how to grow their businesses online, I have so often found myself on my knees. Facing deadlines. Facing tight payrolls. Being humbled by blessings. Wondering what to do. Scared to death. Feeling betrayed. Overjoyed. Need work.  Need help.  Need rest.  Need a miracle.

I’ve gone through it all and then some.

I frequently get asked why I think I've been so successful and the ONLY thing I know is that I’ve tried so hard to honor the Lord with my business and to run all of my work decisions by Him first. I have not been perfect, but I have been intentional. Time and time again, I’ve given my business to the Lord and asked Him to show me how to deal with whatever I was facing on that given day.

It occurred to me one day that I wish there was a book that I could grab for people like me. A place where a small business owner could feel like they were not alone in whatever they were facing and a place where scriptures were already right there for me….. laid out.   A place where a creative person who loves Jesus could go to find bible scriptures to build her up. But I couldn’t find that book.

And so I decided to write that book.

And in doing so, I’ve bared my heart. I’ve faced many fears and I’ve dealt with much just to get this created.  It’s not just for painters….. it’s for any small business owner who loves the Lord.

I’m praying earnestly that my book would be a blessing to you and to and your business.

And I pray blessing upon blessing over you and all you set your hand to.   Give Him your talent. He is worth it.

In Him,