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Conquering Live Video — the Instagram side

Hey there! In Nashville I mainly shared the power of Facebook Lives for building audiences. But I really didn’t want to leave you hanging with my new favorite platform … Instagram!!! Instagram Stories have become a huge part of my business and I want to make sure YOU know how to utilize the stories for your biz and your brand. Please watch this 8-minute video with all my best practices to help you max out your engagement and build the know, like, and trust factor that I spoke about in Nashville.

Two Things to do Next

1. Practice. Practice. Practice Instagram stories!!  Play with different filters and video options, add gifs and mentions Do Boomerangs, 15s videos and behind-the-scenes sharing. You’ll get more confident and be able to tackle your Facebook Lives if you’ve been nervous to do that!!

2. Follow me on Instagram @jenniferallwood!!! See how I interact with you and utilize DMs (Direct Messages) … watch my stories and my feed and gather up your own ideas that you can apply for your business.

3. Start paying attention to the stories you watch and like and apply that to your business too!

There is still tons to learn.

There’s a lot in an online business to keep up with. I can help you sort through it all and give you the shortcuts to growing your social media platform and email list and get more sales!!! If you found my BB presentation about live video helpful at all, please get on my waitlist below for my private coaching group. This is a AMAZING group of creative business owners who find encouragement and support  from each other, and learn updated tech and social media practices via my monthly masterclasses, trainings and action-items.

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