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The lies we believe are on a long list. I am fascinated by how the minds of creative people work.  It is a fascinating mixture of endless ideas and crazy passion and project brilliance and often frustration.

I find that so often creative people feel isolated and “weird”. Creatives tend to feel like they often don’t fit in because other people just do not understand HOW they are wired and why they behave the unorganized way they do.

I began years ago to observe highly creative makers.  And I began to take note of how often these creative souls talked poorly of themselves. They had been labeled hotmess, unorganized, unable to finish a project, ADD, a spaz, etc.  And I noted how often they tried to “get it together” and “get organized” and “finish what they started” and they would end up even MORE frustrated.

I too had been labeled with some of those words.  A spaz. A hotmess. Unorganized. But I decided long ago to EMBRACE my own mess and how I was wired.

And the more I embraced it, the freer I felt.  I got to a point where I finally realized …… God equipped me with every single personality trait I needed to run a successful creative career. If I had needed to be organized to cheerlead you creative business owners on, He would have made me that way.  If I had needed to be able to clean house well in order to run my painting business, He would have given me that too.

No, I didn’t need any of that. He gave me all I needed.

And He gave YOU all YOU need to be successful in your creative business too.

I filmed a Facebook live video a while back that reached went kind of insane with its reach. It struck such a nerve with so many creatives because once you understand that you wanting to start a project at midnight or 5 a.m. is totally NORMAL for a creative, you feel less alone.  Once you understand why you often have projects in your home left undone, you no longer feel embarrassed….  you feel empowered! You feel more “ok”.

And we have a whole group of women in this world who need to know they are “ok” and EXACTLY AS THEY NEED TO BE in order to be successful in their creative careers.

You can watch the video HERE or just click below.

Posted by Jennifer Allwood on Monday, April 18, 2016

And if you are NOT a creative, perhaps forward this video on to someone who is. My heart’s desire is to validate my creative friends and encourage them to be EXACTLY as were designed to be. You are not a mess. You are not a spaz. You do not need to get it together. You are creative. And you are brilliant!



.PS…. if you want to join my Inner Circle – a fabulous group of like-minded creative business owners, please get on the waitlist here!

You are not a mess. You are a creative genius. With more ideas than time. And more talent than utilized. You are a maker. A shaker. A creative rule breaker. And you make things beautiful. Jennifer Allwood




    You speak my language!
    Sister, I have made it all! Floral design, cake designer & baker, interior decorator, candles, soaps, I’ve done it all but the overwhelm (as soon as I heard the term I said “that’s me!!”) it gets to me, and then I begin to hate it, then I’m having a big ol’ garage sale. Because I am clueless as to where, when and how to market.
    I’m 51, my first love is wreath making. Dumb as a stump with computers and numbers are a problem, and sourcing materials is a big problem in my area. SO Hard to find help! I don’t know where to start to get it right.
    Blazing Hot mess.

  • Deb Beattie says:

    LOVED this SOOOO much! I can totally relate!!

    Thank you for sharing this truth! Such encouragement!

    Bless you!
    Deb XO

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