I am so excited to offer you a month for FREE in my Inner Circle. This group will help you grow your biz by growing your social media platforms. 

Take a look at all you will get and then sign up for your free month below...
Monthly Actions
Masterclass Training
Group Coaching Calls

Each month you’ll get homework, yes homework, to take your learning to the next level. I give you a Needlemover Action Item that will force you to take action instead of just consume info!

Each month, we’ll bring in an EXPERT to teach you on a particular biz topic (like SEO, finances, Youtube, etc.) that’s relevant to your business.

Get your personal questions answered LIVE FROM ME on our monthly group calls! No biz building topic is off limits here. You’ll get my direct feedback on your most pressing questions.

The Community
Monthly Mentoring

Come find your place among like minded business owners just like you. We are better together, and believe in community over competition. This is not a sorority…this is family.  

Each and every month, I’m telling you EXACTLY what to do to grow your social media platform. I’ve built my own platform to half a million followers, and this is doable for you, too. But it requires a STRATEGY and Godly motivation… both of which I will give you!!