099: What does OBEDIENCE have to do with your business?

Obedience. I know you’re thinking that this is a word for dogs and children … but hear me out! Obedience is for business owners too!! In fact, it may be an area you don’t even realize that you are struggling with! Tickets are officially on sale for Equipped Conference: Arming Women to do Business God’s […]

How to Build your Email List with Opt-ins

  An opt-in is so much more than just a newsletter subscription form! You have to give something to get emails. Hopefully you read my email marketing advice first so you have that set up.  You will use your email marketing platform to build pop-ups, form fields and links. Opt-in Places Pop-up (I’ve used Popup […]

Graphic Design Basics

Ready to design? Or pass it on to a Graphic Designer? Let’s talk about branding. Consistency across all social media platforms is KEY — even if your logo isn’t the best. People need to RECOGNIZE YOU. Really think about your logo and colors. What message does it communicate. Can people tell what your business is […]