The Why

My biz Facebook page went down a few years ago. During that time I was sucking my thumb in the corner and wondering how I would be able to stay in contact with my followers if I lost my Facebook page forever. It dawned on me, right then and there, as much as I LOVE social media and teach biz owners to use it, I shouldn’t depend on it. I got my Facebook page back after three LONG days of panic. Ever since I have been deliberately and actively trying to grow my own list of emails. As a biz owner, you need to own your list of potential customers. You should NOT depend on Facebook or Etsy or any other third party to reach them. Trust me and learn from my mistake, start growing your email list NOW. It’s the best thing that you can do for your business..

So how do you START getting these emails??? You have to put time and attention into growing your list, my friend!  Clients don’t just hand over their email addresses. Below are my six tried-and-true strategies, which I teach with my coaching clients and business groups.

Xoxo, Jen 

1. Pop-up on your Website

That little box that collects email is very powerful. There are so many versions out there to try. My best advice is to use a 50-second timed pop-up. My rule is to let the reader get to know you before you try to solicit with a pop-up. If there is a pop-up too quickly on a website that I am browsing, it feels way too salesy and like skipping to third base! (LOL) I don’t like that at all. Your pop-up should be enticing and eye-catching. Give a sense of urgency and reason for a reader to give their email. You also really target your content based on what page your client is. For instance, on my blogs that contain NEW projects of my home I could appeal to those readers who want to follow along with the home projects. And on those blogs that are my own painted projects and tips, I could have popup that appeals to painters.

Another option is to use a “exit-intent strategy.” This is a SUPER cool trick to show your followers a pop-up when they’re about to leave your site. It’s chance to ask for their email without asking too early. You can also use this pop-up to target customers with a coupon code to prevent them from abandoning their cart, or give them the option to subscribe or get something free when they sign up for your email list. 

Do some research on plug-ins and paid options for pop-up programs. To name a few: Opt-in Monster, Pop Domination, Popupally, etc.

Let me show you what my pop-up has been for a looooong time (and about to change!)

You may ask, “Wait wait wait, didn’t Google start penalizing pages that have pop-ups?” It’s confusing, I know. But the reality is if your site isn’t plastered with them and your pop-ups aren’t spammy and easily closable you’ll be fine. Most online businesses continue to collect emails this way because it absolutely WORKS.

2. The Freebie

Give them the appetizer for free and they’ll buy the entree!  Offer something to your readers and followers. This could be a coupon for your online store, a recipe of your favorite family meal, a list of your favorite paint colors, or use your Google Analytics to find your top blog post and develop a freebie around that content. It could be a check list, a quick video, a PDF or something else creative! It doesn’t have to be complicated! Think about it from the view of your followers – is it something YOU would want to have in exchange for your email address? Also think about the questions you get asked the most frequently. Build a freebie based on that!

I have been using this “opt-in for a freebie” tactic for years. It gets the right people into the right funnel. Only people interested in DIYing and painting actually request my free Faux Wood Finish Tutorial…

Only business owners want to know the apps I use to my biz…

From here, I can offer these potential clients more information and products based on their interests.

3. The Pinterest Pin

Pinterest is a visual search engine and often overlooked as a FREE promotion tool for opt-ins. Pinterest content can get the ideal customer to sign up on your list, These pinners either stumble across your content or are purposely SEARCHING for your content. Win-win. It all starts with a pretty pinnable graphic. (If you’re in my Inner Circle coaching program, watch my training and I’ll explain more on best practices). Just make sure the pin links to your landing page with an email capture FIRST. It’s basically genius!!!!

Here’s the newest Pin for my paint colors opt-in….

This is by far my most successful DIY list and it’s VERY easy to use Pinterest to keep it exploding. My team has made several pins that have gone VIRAL. Each pin looks different and sends people to My 50+ Favorite Wall Paint Colors landing page where they have to give an email in order to get my freebie list.

4. The Giveaway

Entice your followers and readers with a giveaway. You can be really creative with this.  I’ve done this with free painting products on my blog and free biz coaching sessions. I used Rafflecopter to collect email addresses and then pick a winner. Giveaways and contests are exciting and encourage people to share with their friends. But please pay attention to different social media platforms’ rules and regulations on how you promote it. You really need to know what you’re doing on the giveaway part. Make sure you’ve familiarized yourself on what Facebook’s terms of service says about giveaway, not what anyone else says! Rules constantly change so make sure you know and interpret for yourself. Also, I urge you to use caution and don’t grow your email list ENTIRELY with this method because it does attract the coupon clippers and people who just want stuff for free. In the end, you want your email list to be quality leads who may buy from you in the future.

5. Email Catcher on your Website

Sometimes we just miss the most obvious thing. Is there an email form on your website? It needs to be SUPER OBVIOUS to any reader where they can sign up. Make sure you have a form to capture email addresses at the top of your website, I call this “above the fold” like in a newspaper. Other good areas are in the side bar AND the footer.

Don’t just say something like “Subscribe to our Newsletter” or “Join our Email List.” Borrriiinnngg. Instead, include verbiage that describes the value of your content.  Why should they give up their email address? What’s in it for them? Will they get behind the scenes sneak peeks? Coupons? Printables? Tutorials? Let them know what they’re signing up for!

Here is my current website …( about to be updated SOOOON)

There’s a pretty clear form field right smack at the top before a reader would have to scroll down. Make it that obvious. Get your web designer to add it or use your email marketing platform’s plugin to insert it in the right spots.

6. In-Person

Every time you set up a booth or attend a trade show, set up a physical location to collect email addresses. You can have people write it down on a list, drop a business card in a fish bowl or even have an iPad with wifi to sign up on the spot. You can enter these email addresses manually into your database, just make sure your people are giving their consent to be on your email list. Use in-person promotion – a giveaway, coupon offer, etc. – to get them to sign up. Don’t forget this one if you’re making sales in person, ask for your customer’s email at the point of sale.

Just know that conversion rates are HIGHEST among your email subscribers. So start these strategies NOW, to get your business sales in the future! Hope this blesses you and your business!

Xoxo, Jen