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5 Ways You Can Use DM's to Grow Your Biz
Use your DM's to build relationships.

This goes both ways, my friends. If your followers are taking the time to send you a DM, take the time to respond back to them! It’s the easiest way for you to build loyal, lifelong followers. Set aside 15-20 minutes a day to clean out your inbox and get back to people! A great way to respond is with a voice or video message. Sure, you can type out a response, but anybody can do that! I’m coaching my people to be extra, and if you want to be extra, come back with a video or a voice message!

On the flip side, you can use your DM's to build relationships with people that you maybe want to work with one day. 

Send DMs to say ‘hey that was great content,’ be affirming, give them a thumbs up, tell them what great stuff they’re putting out. Build the relationship so that down the road, you can perhaps make an ask of them! 

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Use your DM's to get on the radar of big brands.
If you're wanting to make connections with influencers or brands, send a short video via DM to make yourself stand out!

Here's the thing though...don't just show up in somebody's inbox and start selling or making the ask. You need to be mindful of the fact that people and brands get pitched  Build the relationship first!

Next time you post about shopping in your favorite store or using one of your favorite products, tag or share your post or story with the company. Tell them how much you and your audience are loving their new product line, etc. Start building the relationship by showing them you are a loyal customer who is promoting their business.
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Use your DM's for sales or launching. 

The swipe up feature is great, but that function isn't available until you've hit 10k followers. If you don't yet have the swipe up feature, you can use your stories to tell your followers to DM you if they have a question or need a link!

I prefer to respond to these with a voice or video message to add that personal touch, but if you're sending out something like an affiliate link, be sure to use Instagram's quick reply feature so you can send out the same response to multiple people super quick!
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Screenshot and Feature 

Use your DM's as a form of social proof!

If you're having a conversation with somebody that makes you look great, or you receive a DM talking about your product or business and how much they love it, or how it's changed their life, screenshot the convo and put it on your stories or your feed. (Make sure to ask permission and tag them so they get exposure too!)

This encourages your followers to send you DM's so that they might get featured too!  These platforms reward people who have active accounts, so the more you're using your page, the more people they'll show your page to. 
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Use them to direct your people to where you want them to go. 

Blog posts, affiliate links, opt-ins...set these all up in quick replies so that you can drive the traffic to wherever you want it to go.

Send them to your website so the traffic increases your ad revenue...

Send them to Amazon with an affiliate link so you're earning a couple extra bucks...

See where I'm going with this? Utilize your DM's and lead the masses where you want them to boost your revenue.
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